Horizon Airways has a variety of aircraft available for charter.
Get a quote on our Piper Navajo (7 seater), Piper Seneca (4 seater) 
or in our Cessna 172 (3 seater).


Things to consider when booking a charter

When getting a quote for an aircraft charter, the following are importants things to consider: :

Departure Date / Time

Destination Date / Time

Number of people on board (adults, children and infants)

Weight of individuals and luggage

Is it a drop off or will the pilot be required to wait

Please also be aware that dangerous goods can't be accepted; that different aircraft have seat and weight limits; plus you need to plan to arrive at the hangar 30 minutes prior to departure time to go through our safety briefing..

Right click to copy the above link for quick access our charter page. 

Terms and Conditions of Charter