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Horizon Airways
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Horizon Airways - Pilot Training

Private Pilot Training

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

This is the foundation of your flight education. This will allow you to fly single engine aircraft by day within 25 miles of the aerodrome.

Your RPL will also permit you to carry one passenger on these flights.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Your PPL is achieved after some more training and some cross country flights. This will allow you to fly light aircraft, and take friends or family, anywhere in Australia, by day.

Once underway, you can also participate in 'Flyaways' to tropical islands, cattle stations and outback heritage sites.

Night VFR Rating (NVFR)

After completing your PPL, you can further extend your skills to allow you to fly at night.


Private Instument Flight Rating (PIFR)

Another option after completing your PPL (or higher), is learning to fly in more challenging conditions. We are able to provide this hands on in the aircraft, and wherever possible we try to reduce the cost using a synthetic trainer.


The PIFR is also able to be completed as a dual rating in conjunction with the NVFR, which further allows you to fly in challenging conditions at night.

GPS Training

GPS training is a benificial extra to assist with enroute navigation and instrument approaches (should you hold your PIFR/ NVFR).

Upgrade To Higher Performance Aircraft

Ever sat in a cardboard box and pretended to have lots of buttons and levers?..... Now you can do it for real!


Upgrade your skills to operate more complicated aircraft with design features, such as:

- Constant speed propeller

- Retractable undercarriage

- Garmin digital cockpits (G1000/Perspective)

- Multi-Engine Rating

Professional Pilot Training


Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

The foundation to your professional education starts here! We provide CASA syllabus compliant training, in the real General Aviation environment.


Our trainers are not only experienced hands in their field, but have real world experience of their own and share this knowledge by wherever possible exposing you to real world charter operations.

Course options include:
- Island Operations
- Night VFR Rating
- Private Instrument Rating
- Multi-Engine Endorsement
Low Flying Training

Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR)

With thirty years of world-wide experience in the field, our Senior Instrument Instructor will train you as a compitent, safe instrument pilot.


Our course includes GPS training and utilises a wide variety of instrument approaches at various locations including Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns, Hamilton Island and Mackay.


Endorsement Training

Upgrade your skills to operate more complicated aircraft with design features, such as:

- Constant speed propeller

- Retractable undercarriage

- Garmin digital cockpits (G1000/Perspective)

- Multi-Engine Rating


Low Flying Training

Covers the first five hours of the aeroplane mustering syllabus.


Extra Training


These training courses can be delivered at our school or at your site:


Threat and Error Management Training

Courses are available on request for professional and private pilots, engineers and other aviation employees.


Aviation Radio Operator Licence

Course available for ground staff and sports aviation pilots to qualify to use VHF and HF radios.



Flight Reviews and Testing


Flight Reviews

Tailored to your operations and aircraft and designed to extend your skills.




PIFR and all Flight Procedure Authorizations.


IRC, PIFR and all approaches.


Training and Checking


Contract training and checking service is available for GA companies.


Other Services


In conjunction with NEPTUNE AVIATION SERVICES we can offer the following courses:


Flight Commmissioning of Aerodrome Lighting / Visual Approach Systems


Preparation of Operations Manuals


Preparation of Aircraft Checklists


Independent Approved Testing Officer (ATO)

Want to find out more details about our curriculum, and how you can apply for a course?


View our flight training Frequently Asked Questions here.


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Our Training Aircraft:

Listed below are the planes that we currently use for training:


Skyfox Gazelle

Cessna 172 M (180hp)

Cessna 172 SP

Mooney M20J