Our commercial pilots are trained to the highest standards through an intensive ground and flight training programme that will see them progress through all phases of flight training.

From the very first flight, to the first solo, the General Flying Progress Test, Private Pilots License and the Commercial Pilots License are just a few of the tailor-made courses we offer prospective students.

With 12 courses to choose from, there's something for every aspiring pilot to learn to strengthen their flying skills.

The aviation industry is growing at a blistering pace world wide, and the threat of a global pilot shortage is constantly looming, choosing to become a professional pilot is a wise decision for a rewarding and satisfying career.



Flying is one of the passions in my life, and something that I still enjoy doing every day. After serving as a RAAF pilot, 8 years with the Civil Aviation Authority, and around 30 years of commercial flying, it's a real joy to share my experience with people of all ages who want to spread their wings and fly.  

 Horizon Airways
Mission Statement


Our overall aim is to provide friendly, professional services to our customers, and to ensure that the highest safety standards are observed at all times.

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